“I can leave the UFO tied up on the dock and launch it within 5

minutes after walking up to it. That’s why I bought it.”-Charlie, new UFO owner

“Stability. This boat has it in spades. Despite my burying the leeward hull,

the weather hull, and both hulls(!), the boat didn’t capsize.” – Brig, new UFO owner

“I’ve had a couple of rides so far when the boat is balanced, stable, in flight and just tearing

along, and I can look around and enjoy the moment.” -Treef, new UFO owner

“What I think sets the UFO apart is that the boat is so manageable. Yes it is demanding

and physical when you are ripping, but when I got tired, I never felt a concern about being able

to get back to the beach.”- Ezra, new UFO owner