So what do I get?

The price includes a full, ready-to-sail UFO including:

  • Hull fitted out with all the lines and hardware
  • Complete spar set fitted with rigging and hardware
  • North-made UFO sail
  • Mainfoil assembly with wand rigging
  • Rudder foil assembly including tiller and extension
  • Beachcat style launching dolly

Price (FOB Bristol RI plant): $7600 USD (this does not include shipping, packaging, or applicable duties, boat sales in RI are tax-free)

We are accepting deposits for build slots with target delivery early 2018. Fill out the form below and we will contact you to work through the exact details for your personal UFO.
A down payment of $2000 USD is required for build slot reservation and the remaining balance is due once your UFO is ready to be shipped. We accept wire-transfer or cheques, the information for which will be provided when we receive an order.